Modern day moments, rooted in tradition.

  • Batti was born on a trip to India in early 2021. Visiting my boyfriend’s (Co-Founder Juno Shah) hometown of Mumbai, I quickly noticed how incense, and the practice of lighting them with intention, was a part of almost every household. I’ve always been a candle-lover, but something about this ritual resonated with me so much more than lighting a candle ever had. I saw how incense brought with it a connection to the present moment I had rarely experienced, and knew I wanted to share the feeling with others.

    - Em Zajac, Co-Founder

  • Agarbatti is the Hindi word for incense, and an integral part of Indian culture. Adapted, it becomes batti, which also translates to "light" in English. Taking inspiration from the ancient Indian tradition of lighting incense as a healing tool, and the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, batti exists to inspire people to embrace the impermanence of time and find joy in the perfectly imperfect moments we experience every day.

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